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Making luxury foods affordable to everyone.

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Our Concepts

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Our Mission

Inspired by my mother, Angela "Angie" Christofellis, Angie's Food Concepts is on a mission to make luxury foods affordable to everyone!

My wife, Roushan, and I founded Salad and Go in 2011 and exited in 2021. After my mother's passing in March 2020, we wanted to create something to honor her. Angie was a single mother who worked hard to give me and my sister everything we needed and wanted. We thought, what better way to honor her memory than by making a luxury food, like Maine lobster, affordable to the hard-working, everyday American, rather than just to the few who can afford it.

After we launched our first concept, Angie's Lobster in 2022, we realized just how much these luxury foods mean to hard-working Americans. We were blown away by the enthusiasm and appreciation for making something like Maine lobster, that was once only enjoyed on special occasions, into something that's now a part of their weekly routine.

In 2023, we set out to further our mission with our second concept, Angie's Prime Grill, by bringing grilled-to-order, USDA Prime Steak to the drive-thru! It wasn't long after opening Angie's Prime Grill that we
stumbled upon an opportunity. While trimming our USDA Prime steak in-house, we couldn't help but think twice about all those prime steak trimmings going to waste. Those trimmings were exactly what was needed to create the ultimate Prime Steakhouse Burger. From Angie's Prime Grill, we set off working on our newest endeavor and concept -- Angie's Burger! We are excited to begin testing our 8oz USDA Prime Steakhouse Burgers at our Angie's Prime Grill location in Central Phoenix in late April 2024. 

Angie's Food Concepts is a company that will live every day like Angie lived her life -- full of love, courage, compassion, servant leadership, energy, fight and fun. We will carry out her legacy by making luxury foods affordable to everyone!

- Tony Christofellis

Our Business Model

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Angie's Food Concepts is a collection of disruptive restaurant concepts with a shared mission to make luxury foods affordable to everyone. We have developed a business model that is streamlined, efficient, vertically integrated and horizontally integrated between concepts, making them stronger -- together! Combined, the restaurants create a juggernaut of efficiency, allowing us to do the impossible. 

We are disrupting the restaurant space by changing who has access to luxury foods like Maine lobster, USDA Prime Steak, premium and organic ingredients, house-made sauces and gourmet foods made without preservatives and additives. To be able to achieve this mission, we had to think outside the box and innovate, breaking the legacy restaurant business model. 

With Angie's Lobster, we were able to gain end-to-end control of our entire supply chain. We went deeper into the vertical by purchasing lobster right off the boats from our own lobster wharf on Bailey Island, Maine. We process the lobsters ourselves in our own Maine processing facility and then ship to our restaurants here in Phoenix. We cut out every middle-man possible. We have created an efficient drive-thru where customers self-pay and pick up their own food off the shelf. Our interior restaurant space is streamlined and efficient allowing for the fewest steps possible between movements. By needing only a few people working at a time, we are able to pay them the highest in the drive-thru industry in our market. 

With the launch of Angie's Prime Grill, controlling the supply chain was a bit more difficult. We were able to apply the same streamlined and efficient operation principles to this concept, but to offset the high food costs of USDA Prime Steak and premium and organic produce, we had to go about it a bit differently. We are buying direct and cross-utilizing ingredients from Angie's Lobster, but this still isn't enough. We need more efficiencies.

After opening Angie's Prime Grill in the Fall of 2023, we discovered a huge, game-changing opportunity in front of us. All our USDA Prime Steak trimmings were going into the trash! We realized that these trimmings are exactly what go into making an incredible Prime Burger. In fact, we need even more trimmings because we are already using a substantially trimmed piece of Prime Steak to begin with. This means, we can purchase a primal cut of steak (less trimmed) and significantly lower our food costs at Angie's Prime Grill and subsequently Angie's Burger! ​We are offsetting the high food costs of Angie's Prime Grill with Angie's Burger, allowing the two to feed off each other, giving them both numerous efficiencies along with tremendous food cost savings from shared ingredients and complementary inputs.

​If we are going to make luxury foods like Maine Lobster, Wild-caught Mexican Colossal Shrimp, USDA Prime Steak, Antibiotic and Hormone Free Chicken and now Prime Steakhouse Burgers, affordable to everyone, we cannot apply the traditional restaurant business model. We are a disruptive restaurant model changing what and how the average American eats. We're making luxury foods affordable to everyone! 


The Inspiration Behind the Mission

My mother, Angie, moved with her family from Greece to Boston at a young age. She came from a family of fearless and hard-working immigrants who would give you the shirt off their back. Angie grew up with that same grit and determination to make a better life for her kids. She was everything to me and my sister. A true force of nature. She was a single mom who worked in restaurants to support us and always made sure we had what we needed, and then some. We always enjoyed great, home cooked meals. Going out to eat was always a treat and she never held back. Looking back now, I honestly don't know how she did it and can only imagine the sacrifice involved. She taught us to work hard and help others when they need help. 

Angie had so much personality. She would dance with her grandkids, sing songs to entertain them and all while usually trying to get them to eat. She loved her Boston Red Sox and the United States of America. Angie wasn't perfect, but she owned that too. She was blue collar, low frills and the most courageous person I knew.

To be a single mother, and as an immigrant, takes courage. Overcoming three heart attacks and still living life how she wanted to, with lots of energy, fun and spirit, and then battling through Stage 4 pancreatic cancer -- that takes a lot of courage.


Angie passed away from pancreatic cancer in March 2020. Up until her final day, she was pushing herself to get out of bed and take care of her kids and grandkids. 

This is what drives us to allow hard-working people, just like Angie, and their families, to be able to enjoy gourmet meals made with Maine lobster, prime meats, and premium and organic ingredients packed with flavor, for the same price and convenience of a drive-thru fast food meal! We are doing this for all the Angies of the world.

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